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Changes to PPW terms and conditions

Changes to PPW’s employment terms and conditions The Ministries Council of the Church of Scotland are in consultation with Presbytery Parish Workers (PPW) regarding changes to their terms and conditions of employment. One proposal causing a great deal of concern amongst this valued group of employees, is the proposal to remove the housing allowance they receive as part of their existing salary package, resulting in a 14% cut in their salary. In these times of financial restraint across many sectors, it is understandable that there is need for financial restrictions and savings. However, it does seem unfair to target one particular group of employees to help solve the issue. Any savings should be shared equally across all employee and office holder sections of the church. It is important that as many people as possible who share the above concern sign this e petition, so that Ministries Council can see that this proposal and approach needs to be discussed more fully within the whole church community. It should not be restricted to the Ministries Council and a group of their employees as it affects the whole church community. More time should be allowed for this consultation to take place. It should be extended to six weeks, rather than ending the 5th October, as suggested. Please sign this e petition indicating your support against this proposed cut in salaries for PPW and support an extension of the consultation period to allow a wider range of voices to be heard and taken into consideration.

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