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Signatures for Changes to PPW terms and conditions

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1 BrianSmillie Fairness & Justice are two values that the Church of Scotland uphold world wide and indeed fight for. The Ministries Council appear to have forgotten this or chosen to ignore. Either way the MC must accept that they are wrong and correct this. Cumbernauld Old Parish Church of Scotland Elder & Session Clerk
2 cathmckim      
3 GraemeBrown If cuts are to be made to any section of the staffing of the Church, these should be shared by all staff members. Orphir Parish Church Minister
4 DonaldMorrison   Cross, Ness Candidate for Word & Sacrament
5 NancyLowden   Douglas &Mid Craigie Elder
6 FionaEwen   Chalmers-Ardler Church Elder, member
7 RobinaForbes   Chalmers Ardler Parish Church Elder
8 AlisonBellingham Consultation time needed Elder  
9 AlanTelfer Surely such a big and important matter adversely affecting so many gospel servants deserves a wider airing and debate through the "presbyterian" channels of the Church. Strathaven:Avendale and Drumclog Minister
10 AvonBartlett In the more needy areas of Dundee these post are vital. The record of what has been achieved is evident over the years and I would plead with those in a position of influence to do all they can to maintain these posts Logie St. John's Cross Dundee Church attender